Redbridge Chamber breakfast with Wes Streeting was frank and refreshing… and Donna Mizzi asks the Pop Up question. See the videos

Redbridge Chamber breakfast 27.10.15The Redbridge Chamber networking breakfast had a good turnout this week.
The talk by Ilford North MP, Wes Streeting, at the October RCOC breakfast was frank, informative and refreshing. He is one of the few MPs of whom I have had experience, at least, who actually answered the questions put to him. Chamber members and their guests were suitably impressed.
The meeting was well received and the audience was grateful to Wes for remaining to listen to members beyond the time that he should have left in order to get to Westminster. The Chamber looks forward to more meetings with Wes and other Redbridge MPs and Councillors.  Geoff Hill, Chair
Brenda Maguire, a painter/decorator start-up attended for the first time.  The Chamber is encouraging start-ups to attend to get contacts and support from the established business community and is waiving the membership fee for a year.
Brenda MaguireIt was a very productive event for me.  I met Elaine James from DABD and have had a meeting with her today at her office in Dagenham and I am now on their books as a recommended painter and decorator for their vulnerable clients as well as for decorating their main offices (when it needs doing).  Brenda Mauguire
Sophia Hubs found 2 businesses that were very willing to speak at the entrepreneur’s club – Albert Peters (who is also speaker at the next breakfast) of Pegasus HR and Celestine Ekpenyong of ‘Every Box Ticked’ 🙂
Here’s a video of the question by Celestine Ekpenyong about the need for businesses to have access to finance and Wes Streetings response.

And here’s the video of Donna Mizzi’s Pop-Up question and Wes Streeting’s response.


On 15th December the Chamber will be holding a Christmas evening meal at the Rouge Restaurant at Redbridge College and guests and start-ups are welcome.  Contact the Chamber to find out more.


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