Timebank offer – Martin wants to help you with your Linked In profiles as he is in desperate need of more hours!

Martin Linked In UshaTimebank offer!  Want help with your Linked In profile?

Martin needs to earn some hours (to continue the Prince 2 course the Timebank is running) and is very keen to find people who need his help! Call him on 07547 776343

Martin has had 3 years in recruitment and lots of experience in helping to update and make Linked In work for you.

The last person Martin helped with Linked In was start-up Usha Chudasama of Healing-Feeling and she was very glad of the help!  Start-up business Marie Ndolo has already booked in but Martin needs to earn 2 hours a week to keep going with the Prince2 course.

Can he help you and you help him increase his Timebank bank account?! 🙂

You must be a Redbridge/Seven KIngs Timebank member or register here before you can take up the offer.

This is what we want – people realising the value of the ECHOs currency – the currency of hours.  The ‘sharing economy’ is an important part of local resilience and contributes to the money economy.

Please see a previous blog for other offers this week.  To read about the ECHO business Timebank read about our seminar last week. Or (as a member) search on our website to see what’s on offer. And please post your offers and requests!  🙂


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