Great entrepreneur club at enterprise desk – Redbridge businesses can’t wait to trade with 2000 ECHO Timebank members!

ECHO ent club group of 4We held a very successful entrepreneur’s club at the Enterprise Desk this week in Ilford Library. We had a double bill to introduce the Echo Timebank (with Sarah Henderson) and to give an update on the Redbridge/Seven Kings Timebank.

Mike Loomey of established Barking business 3in1 is an ECHO member.  He shared how he has traded on ECHO and received high quality advanced training on WordPress while giving back to the Timebank (and earning Echo’s) through giving SEO support to businesses and also loaning out his DJ equipment for an Echo event.

So our Timebank and Echo are related. We use their system and so all start-ups/businesses on Echo ent club group of 3our Timebank can access and trade with the 2000 London businesses in the network. 🙂 But it is much, much better if you join BOTH Timebanks, so you get the flow of info and support from both.

Session attended by 2 established businesses, Lynne and Andrzej of community group Ubuntu Arts, 5 start-ups and 2 people thinking of starting a business.

To join our Timebank click here.  If you are experiencing problems email or  To join ECHO Timebank click here. If you are experiencing problems email

The Enterprise Desk is a great space and so we will try out two more evening entrepreneur’s club sessions: Wednesday 4th November, Thursday 3rd December. Speaker/topic not yet confirmed but will be 5.30-7.30.

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