Redbridge College student tells of wedding photography contract at business networking event tonight

It was a fantastic networking event tonight.  A great mix of businesses (small and large), college students and some agencies.  Absolutely delighted to have met college students who want to join our Timebank and attend our evening entrepreneurs club.  And to be working with Gemma Sibbons with the beautician students – we have a whole load of ideas about co-working!

It was very good to hear Cristina Stoican’s testimony to the well known fact that business comes from people you know.  Cristina is a photographer who has a portfolio of great photos and needs to build up experience. A friend of her Mum’s saw some photos, liked Cristina (that’s how it’s done – your potential customer likes you! :))and asked her to be the only photographer at the wedding!! It’s a very small affair and they could not afford usual rates but they are happy to pay something and to trust Cristina to take some great shots!  Good luck with that Cristina!

And there’s an amazing offer from Redbridge college students for website development and design and graphic design.  Contact blue orange.

Olive Hamilton AndrewsI attended this networking event for the first time and thought it was absolutely excellent. Well worth attending. Olive Hamilton Andrews

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