Timebank Manager Stephanie blogs on Timebank haircuts, decorating, Romanian interpretation and more!

Timebank manager badgeHi, this is a weekly blog published on Mondays on our new Facebook group for Timebank members.  If you are a member of the Timebank – please join the group and let’s start posting and sharing news, offers, requests, swaps etc.  If you are not a member – please register on the Timebank here or email us on sevenkingstimebank@sophiahbubs.com, if you are stuck.

Timebank News!   🙂

Brenda, a new member of the 7KTB is offering interior decorating services on the Timebank. Nuzhat owns a hair and beauty shop on Green Lane in Dagenham. Nuzhat has been saying for a while that she needs to redecorate/paint two of the rooms in her shop.  She

Redbridge Timebank logo

heard about Brenda’s services and has booked for her to come and check the rooms and discuss the work to be done on Tuesday.  So thrilled to see another service match in the community 🙂

TIMEBANK OFFER – HAIRCUTS! Nuzhat offers dry haircuts through the Timebank, if you are interested please go to the website at www.sophiahubs.com/sevenkingstimebank/ it is at Sheenz Hair and Beauty on Green Lane.

Also more info on offers posted on our Timebank website:

TIMEBANK OFFER – ARTS WORKSHOP – Timebank member Andrzej Jazdzewski of Ubuntu Arts has posted an offer on the Timebank although it’s free to attend – no hours, no money….. FREE Crafts Activity Workshop: Fabula Festival. Sunday 25th October 11am to 4pm. Redbridge Central Library. Check out our website for further details.  If you are interested in getting arty/crafty help through the Timebank contact Andrzej. 

TIMEBANK OFFER – Romanian- English- Romanian interpreting services posted by Claudia.

Again check the website for further details…

Please tell your friends about the Seven Kings Timebank (7KTB)

Have a blissful week.

Stephanie Mugo, Timebank Manager stephanie mugo outside

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