Sophia Hubs testing USP and helping London Small Business Centre fill final places on fab women’s business seminar

women in business workshopIt’s interesting helping start-ups discover, experiment, tweak and test their Unique Selling Point (USP) and also doing it for ourselves. 😀

Testing this USP at the moment – ‘well connected in Redbridge, best at outreach

So…. London Small Business Centre is running a fabulous workshop on Tuesday morning for women in business.  I had a call from Claudia Castillo today to see if there are Redbridge women who would like to attend. There are places left and so far no one from Redbridge.

Can I prove that the London Small Business Centre NEEDS us to help them fill their places! 🙂

C’mon – spread the word!   A fantastic seminar for women in business – can be a newie start-up or been running  a business for years.  It’s in Aldgate East, costs £25 (could be 2 freebie places if you make a good case to me!) and you will meet women in business from all over London and have help from top notch trainer.  Book here and please give our name.  START-UPS ARE WELCOME

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