Prodeepta’s tips for Redbridge start-up businesses at entrepreneur’s club starting with – create a track record

Prodeepta snapshot at entrepreneurs clubThanks to Prodeepta Das for being a very helpful speaker at the entrepreneurs club this week. It was good to have Cllr Bob Littlewood there bringing his council connections to join 8 start-up businesses.  He gave very useful info and ideas about finding sponsors and about book writing and answered a range of questions from start-ups.

To read a bit about Prodeepta read this blog.

Prodeepta’s tips were:

  • starting out you must believe in yourself and create a track record.  A good track record is crucial.
  • keep an alternative income while you are setting up, but you will need to take the leap at some point!
  • You will need to knock on doors and ask – there’s no way round this.
  • Don’t price yourself too low.  You are charging more than another company because you are offering a better quality personal service and/or product
  • You need to regularly make an honest appraisal of your business to see what needs to be changed.
  • Grow a thick skin – this is true for start-ups as well as people at the top of their profession. Don’t be offended with a ‘no thanks’.
  • If you want to publish a book – the cheapest option is self publishing. Try the Lighting  Source

As a follow up, Karen Leighton has sent info on a free London webinar next weekend on writing a book. Info here


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