Redbridge business owner Nnenna Anyanwu advises start-ups to identify your baseline weekly income need

Nnenna session 29.9.15At our enterprise club last week we had experienced business consultant Nnenna Anyanwu as speaker.  Nnenna runs local business Brandstad Consulting. The enterprise club is open to all Redbridge start-ups and meets on alternate Tuesday lunchtimes/ a weekday evening.

Start-ups attending were treated to a comprehensive business MOT

Here were some of Nnenna’s tips that struck a chord with the group.

  • As a bottom line test of your business viability and health, you must know the minimum weekly income you need to bring in to be able to cover your living and business costs.  There’s no way round this!
  • With marketing – you must have a strategy so that you can measure it’s impact.  Sure take advantage of  unexpected opportunities but know what you are doing and why.
  • You have got to be ‘out there’ and to become a familiar face.  On Linked In you need at Nnenna session 29.9.15 flip diagramleast 500 contacts.
  • Your best customers are the one’s you already have.  Keep in touch and always market to them.
  • Don’t struggle on with what you’re not good at – buy in services
  • When hiring services you need to be very clear about what you want – always have terms and conditions.
  • And of course – register with HMRC as soon as  you are about to start trading and get insurance.

Nnenna has offered to come along for another session which has been gratefully accepted. 🙂




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