Cranbrook Centre launch this weekend in Valentines Park – creative charity/CIC partnership reduces business costs

Cranbrook centre opening flyerComplete thumbs up goes to Redbridge charities ASNET and Redbridge Music Lounge who have drastically reduced their business property rental costs by taking over a bowling club.  As a  business (which a Charity is of course), if  you can’t raise enough money (fundraising, grants etc), then work out how to reduce your costs 🙂  ASNET and Redbridge Music Lounge has forged a partnership with East London Radio, a community interest company and made all three organisations more resilient in lean economic times.

ASNET  is a Redbridge self help group for people with arthritis.  It  has been running from Cardinal Heenan Centre since 2010 but with grant reductions could not afford the rent.  So this very creative charity that runs mainly on creative fundraising (not grants) started searching for cheaper premises.  Diane Wynne Fitzgerald, President, spied the shut down Cranbrook asnetlogobowling club in Valentines Park and then developed a plan for 3 Redbridge organisations (East London radio is not just Redbridge of course, but covers Redbridge and wanted to have a base
Redbridge Music Lounge
here) to take it on.

So after a successful funding bit to
renovate the property and a lot of hard work, ASNET,  Redbridge Music Lounge and East London Radio invite you to a weekend of East London Radio logoactivities to celebrate the launch 9-11th October!! 😀  For the programme of weekend activities click here.

Sophia Hubs is pleased to announce that we have been given funding for a partnership with Redbridge CVS and an East London CIC Urban Catalysts, to help 10 Redbridge charities to start trading or raising funds in a different way so as not to be reliant on grants. Watch this space for further info.



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