Redbridge Chamber breakfast meeting gets evangelised about social media and Sophia Hubs gets thumbs up!

Chambers breakfast social media handoutVery interesting presentation from Renee Wallen yesterday at the Chambers breakfast on social media. She only had 20 minutes so it was a tour of (a) a dynamic website (b) Facebook (c) Linked In (d) blogging.

There’s a Twitter seminar for  Chamber members coming up soon with Vic Norman.  Contact the Chamber for details.

Delighted that Sophia Hubs scored the highest on social media presence 🙂

And to prove it,  here’s a video I took on the smart phone to capture the event!

The next Chamber breakfast is on Tuesday 27th October.  At 7.30 am. It is open to start-ups that can attend for a year until being required to pay the membership fee. Also guests are welcome.

Also please don’t forget that there’s plenty of community members (and of course this is a strength of young people) who would be willing to spend an hour or two on the Timebank to give individual tuition.  See here for our latest skills swap which featured a social media room. See here for a recent Timebank exchange on help with Linked In


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