Sophia Hubs volunteer looking to strengthen green business sector in Redbridge – your help needed

Begona BelmonteWe’ve noticed that lots of interesting green initiatives and micro businesses are emerging and thriving in other London boroughs like Hackney and not so much in Redbridge.  Or so it seems.

We have created an online green business directory which we realise already needs updating – eg bike shops should be added and Brenda the green interior painter/decorator.

So we are delighted that Planet Falafel (an environmentally friendly, vegetarian catering business) owner Begona Belmonte of Seven Kings, who is currently volunteering on the Timebank, is willing to spend a couple of hour a week in October and November to explore ways of supporting and increasing this sector in Redbridge.  Begona is also a member of Redbridge Transition Town.

Begona will also be making contact with green charities and voluntary groups, to help build links and cooperation between the business and community sectors.  In fact this is perhaps a USP of Sophia Hubs –  that we are experts in bringing community resources into the business sector!  (See Aidan’s blog on our take on economic community development.)

Really looking forward to what Begona finds out and ideas she comes up with 🙂

If you want to help, have ideas, or suggestions for businesses to be included, please get in touch with Begona on 07985 540786 or 



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