Guest blogger Brenda Maguire announces her vintage, quirky, recycley, fab internal painting/decorating business and passion

Brenda MaguireHi, my name is Brenda. I recently left a full time teaching job in a local primary school where I had been teaching for 11 years. After a couple of life changing events I thought it was about time I changed my way of life and follow my real passion. I have a (healthy) obsession with painting, and I don’t mean oils or water colour on canvas, I mean painting walls and ceilings, glossing skirting boards and door frames! So, I am starting my new adventure as a painter and decorator.

Since moving into my first flat in South Woodford 25 years ago I’ve pretty much had a paintbrush in my hand at every opportunity. In fact, I am at my most content when I am changing the colour of a wall or piece of furniture. With a small government grant and sheer determination, I transformed that flat into a bright and colourful beautiful first home. I think the space we inhabit is hugely important to our wellbeing.

“A house is much more than a shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually” John Saladino, Interior Designer.

I have a really keen eye for interior design, and can remember being as young as 6 or 7 and making rooms out of play dough, rearranging play furniture etc. I up-cycle furniture (everything has the potential to be made beautiful), I create, I design, I craft and I am a perfectionist (I’m a Virgo, what can I say?) I am a real grafter and I’m not afraid of climbing ladders!

I actually didn’t know about Sophia Hubs until I was searching for something local to do for my birthday that same week . When I stumbled across the web site I was really excited and immediately decided to go to the enterprise club. It couldn’t have happened at a better time and I hoped to learn how to start up a ‘proper’ business. I wasn’t disappointed.

At my first enterprise club on 15/ 09/15, I heard guest speaker Fiona Flaherty speaking. She was hugely inspiring and motivating. She talked about parts of business that I didn’t even know existed, such as, what is a ‘thought leader?’ And what is my customer avatar? One of the first things I did after hearing Fiona talk was to get myself an ‘accountability partner’– someone to check in with at the end of each day to celebrate achievements and discuss what needs to become the focus for the days ahead.

Prior to my first meeting, I had started a web page and started to design my business cards. Since attending that first meeting, with the help of Ros, Fiona and the other friendly faces there, I have a USP that I hadn’t thought of before, my use of recycled paints, and to tap into the vintage theme which I am so inspired by.

It’s early stages I know and will take time to build up. I have also purchased four domain names (I’m not sure which one to use yet). I have made contacts who already feel like friends.

With the help of Sophia Hubs Enterprise Club I hope to develop and improve my web page, and all literature including business cards and leaflets, ready to promote myself. After all, friends and family can only provide me with so much work!

Thanks to Ros Southern and all who attended the enterprise for making me feel very welcome at my first session.  Watch this space, my web page will be going live very soon! In the meantime please feel free to get in touch to discuss rates on 07728 851322

Brenda Maguire  🙂




2 thoughts on “Guest blogger Brenda Maguire announces her vintage, quirky, recycley, fab internal painting/decorating business and passion

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