Fiona Flaherty keeps 11 Redbridge start-ups engaged and on their toes at the enterprise club

Fiona Flaherty  small groupThanks so much to Fiona Flaherty for being the speaker at our enterprise club last week.  She led an incredibly energetic, inspired and extremely practical session on 30 ways to grow your business.

Fiona started with an exercise that quickly enabled the 11 start-ups to identify their top business need and then tailored her speech, the activities and her one-to-one sessions (with everyone) around this.  And she stayed for an extra 2 hours to give one-to-one support to everyone there. 🙂

Fiona FlahertySome tips from Fiona:

  • Buy value back from people.  Sure you may do work for free but make very sure that you Fiona Faherty group 2get something back that helps you.
  • When you attend any event or meeting, be very clear about why you are going there, what your message is and what you want to get from it.
  • Use your phone to talk to people.  Don’t hide behind emails, texts, messages.
  • Find an ‘accountability partner’ so that you have someone to ‘report’ to regarding  your actions
  • Exercise  your brain for professional development and your body for well-being

Fiona fired really useful questions to us from her 37 years experience.  We all learned new things about our businesses and I got such useful tips. When I got home I immediately began to implement what I had learned starting with my website.  Ish Hussain.




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