Timebank skills share of the week – Peter builds Theo’s flat pack cabinets

Theo SamuelWe are pleased to announce that Theo is very glad of the help that Peter gave her to build and erect her flat pack cabinets for her garage.  Theo and Peter met at the Timebank induction event and exchanged numbers and sorted this out.  Theo's storage chest

On Saturday Peter came at I.00 pm to help me assemble a few garden storage chests flat packs.  Although I had started to assemble one Peter willingly and skilfully assembled one and finished off the one I had started.(thankfully for Peter I would not have known how to complete it and I can safely say the he assembled the two garden chests for me).  He spent about 2 1/2 to 3 hours

We just need to make sure that all Timebank trading is registered on the Timebank so that we can measure the hours exchanged to prove the community cooperation that is being built! 🙂  If you do any trading and need help to ‘pay’ your helper, please do get in touch.

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