Enterprise club for start-ups 6th Oct with Kalpna Patel ‘making your business idea work before someone else does’

We are holding fortnightly evening enterprise clubs for Redbridge start-ups to get support locally to help make  your business a success.

Making  your business idea work before someone else does! Tuesday 6th October 7-8.45. Facilitator: Kalpna Patel  Venue: Goodmayes Community Centre.

Who you are and who  you want to be differenceHow many times have you had a wonderful idea, got really excited and then it evaporates only to magically reappear as a business run by someone else! You feel deflated and wonder ‘Why didn’t I do that? It was my idea’. In this session we will look at how to sustain change, how values impact businesses. We will explore tools and techniques to keep your business moving forward and achieve your goals and more importantly how to set goals.

This is a follow on for the first session Kalpna facilitated on 9th September on adapting to change….

In the first session on 9th September we explored about how to adapt our business to changes, rather than become rigid.  The workshop was conducted in an informal and fun way to illustrate our behaviours around change.  Kalpna made sure that the learning turned into very clear actions by the end of the evening that were read out to the group as an agreement for carrying out the next week.

At the end of this wonderful session, members benefited by understanding our individual behaviour towards change and with this awareness have planned to tackle change on a positive note in relation to our lives as well as our businesses.  Tahir Mahmud

Kalpna works with business organisations from start-ups to large organisations to provide fundamental training which transforms the way people think, work and do business. Her clients range from small local start-up businesses to large organisations. With hands on experience gained from the very best cutting edge training techniques and running her own businesses, she leads workshops and provides business consultancy, commercial awareness to her clients, from marketing to creative income generation strategies.

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