Introducing Mr Kinder of Redbridge a children’s entertainer start-up who is glad of the help he received at enterprise club this week!

Mr KinderHi, my name is Ish, I am also Mr. Kinder from Mr. Kinder party entertainment 🙂  I specialise in children’s parties as an entertainer using my special skills as a balloon modeller and face painter. This is a new venture for me – the first time I am working for myself and in a sector that I have found that I love and am very good at!
Please check out my website at for the range of children’s entertainment we offer.  I am currently at the stage of needing to build up my customer base and if you can tell people about me that would be most helpful.  I am working with my wife and we think our USP is partly that we are a local family in Redbridge with young children of our own. 
As an incentive, if you read this blog and would like me to be your children’s party entertainer you can receive an extra £5 off using the discount code ‘SOPHIA’ 🙂
As a new start-up I recently attended a session at the Sophia Hubs enterprise club on 15th September. I was quite nervous because it was my first time attending one of these functions and mainly because I didn’t know what to expect. But everyone was so warm in welcoming me balloon modelthere.
Once the session started we jumped right in, useful questions were being fired at us by the speaker, I think this was to jolt us and keep us enthused!  We all learned new things about each other and our business in which there was room for improvement, and always is.
Fiona Flaherty was the speaker and brought with her 37 years experience and expertise to the session to help us all grow together and to answer any questions we had. When I got home I immediately began to implement what I had learned that day starting with my website.
The enterprise club is something that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who is in the same boat as me. Good luck to everyone and I hope to be meeting more start-ups very soon.  It’s helpful to share experiences, network and get tips and contacts from each other as well as from the speaker and Ros.
I’ve recently bought myself a spiderman outfit – it’s a fun job! 🙂  I’ll post a photo on here pretty soon!
Ish Hussain (Mr Kinder)

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