Redbridge Chamber chair invites you to go on TV if you are a business wanting to engage a member of staff

Geoff HillWant to be on TV?!  Then I’m your man. 

This Invitation via Redbridge Chamber of Commerce is extended to you as a business owner (including start-ups of course), senior managers or an employer – please see below:

“We are a television production company called Label 1, part of Shiver and ITV Studios. The team here is made up of highly experienced programme makers that have produced some of the most popular and sensitively filmed programmes on our TV screens such as One Born Every Minute, The Hotel and First Dates.

We are developing a new TV show for Channel 4 that goes behind the scenes of a job interview – a place most of us have experienced but we’ve rarely seen what really happens behind closed doors. We want to capture the whole range of experiences and emotions in interviews, including dreams, ambitions, nerves and excitement across both sides of the interview table.

We are looking for businessmen and women who are passionate about their work and passionate about finding the right candidate. Ideally they would be larger than life people who are not afraid of telling the truth and have opinions about the job interview process.”

If you are interested please respond to the Chamber of Commerce using the following email address 


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