Co-working spaces in Redbridge to get that office community feel for freelancers, start-ups and small businesses

IMG_2166On alternate Tuesdays afternoons we are trying out a co-working space at our base at St John’s Church in Seven Kings.  We are also keen on identifying co-working spaces in the borough and seeing if this could become an established sector in the borough.

For an article on how co-working is expanding see this Guardian article and to see a London organisation that is registering co-working spaces in London, but there seems nothing here registered within Redbridge.  Co working space sign

Anyone already working in a co-working space that you want to promote?  Anyone with a nice cafe or office you would like to develop as a co-working space?

The high number of businesses that close each year in Redbridge could very likely be to do with lack of support and isolation.  Sophia Hubs is funded by the Council to offer support and networks and there’s plenty of scope too, to develop complementary ways to make Redbridge local economy more resilient.  Redbridge has the highest number of start-up businesses registered each year – let’s develop co-working spaces in the borough to help them succeed!

Next date for the co-working space at St John’s Church is Tuesday 22nd September.



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