Business buddy idea emerges from enterprise club this week to hold start-ups accountable to each other for business actions!

Argentis cropAn interesting idea emerged from our enterprise club this week. Clive Sheldon was our speaker .  He is a Sophia Hubs Director with business experience who has just established a start-up business Argentis Capital, a social impact investment company.

Clive has a business partner and he shared how they work, bring different skills and take on different roles.  The thing that they both bring to the business is to call each other to account.  Clive said there is something very helpful about making agreements together on what actions need taking for the business and knowing that if you have not done it, you will need to explain the reason to your partner!

Clive’s tips to start-upsClive session argentis

  • You must have a timeline with clear actions – draw it out, write the actions down.
  • Working with a business partner really keeps you on track.

So… we decided that it would be helpful to develop business buddies to be accountable to.

Olive (Hamiland Ltd) agreed to draft a form which is here and now we will work out how to take it forward!  We will bring this idea to the next enterprise club.  In the meantime, feel free to contact one or two of your Sophia Hubs contacts and see if they want to be your business buddy!

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