Timebank swap of the week – Claudia passes Prince 2 course with Ifty’s help and shares her great list of Timebank offers

Ifty was so kind to offer me training for Foundation level of PRINCE2 exam and fortunately I already had the exam and passed it successfully. 🙂 Currently, I am about to go for my next level accreditation, Practitioner level examination and me and Ifty we will most likely continue to meet in preparation of this exam as well and not only.
I find Ifty a great person, open, easy going, fun to talk to and he has really proven to be a fantastic trainer being able to help me in a very professional manner put all my knowledge in good order and lead me toward very easily passing the Foundation exam. No mean feat considering the few number of days that I have spent preparing for that exam.
Not only that he is a good ‘teacher’ and has efficient delivery methodologies but he is able to re-charge someone with the good energy vibes and confidence that he/she can succeed. I’ve Claudias certficatelearnt as well that all is in our mind and we and our thoughts have a huge impact actually in our success/ failures.  I was terrified before having the exam but Ifty helped me grow and muster the courage to go to my next level in accepting and dealing with challenges.
Me and Ifty spent I think over 10 hours in 2 occasions, having discussions on PRINCE2 Subjects.
I have already had two attempts to add the hours in the Time bank, however I am finding a bit difficult in getting round the interface of the group. I will need help with this to add the hours to Ifty.
I now have to think about what I can give to the Timebank and I feel a bit apprehensive about this but here is my list that I hope to post on the Timebank website.
Corel Draw
– Average/ expert level utilization of Microsoft Office;
– time for Listening;
– time for helping with domestic work
– English and Romanian language for beginners;
– Time for Gardening, provided there is someone who actually knows how to do it. 🙂
Translations from/to Romanian into English;
Driving (with the owner’s car);
– Helping with shopping for those who cannot do it for various reasons;
Caring for older people;
PRINCE2 for Foundation level;
– Travelling arrangements/ Hotel bookings/ Airline tickets;
Editing materials from written transcripts;
– Local Community Projects – Management and Support functions;
Designing leaflets/ catalogues.
Other help I need quite badly, someone that could offer some intensive classes of French language. I need to pass  a TEF test needed for an Immigration process for Canada.

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