Summer evening enterprise clubs with community minded business men – come along tonight at 7 to Suvai community cafe

GRASS Kashif standingThank so much to Keith Stanbury and GRASS (Goodmayes Residents Association) for hosting our evening enterprise club last week at its lovely community centre. (for a bit more info read a previous blog)
GRASS standing monalisa yvette tahirIt was good to see new faces and 3 new business start-ups – Monalisa, Kashif and Yvette.  It was a rich mix of business expertise, community members and start-ups.  Great for networking and support!

Keith shared the story of how the community centre was obtained, adapted to a high standard and how it runs without reliance on grants.  GRASS standing 2 women

What stood out was how, with belief in a vision and persistence, it all starts with a small seed of an idea!  The community centre is now a hub for a wide range of meetings and activities that serve the local community.

Tonight we are meeting with Dishan Joel to find out about  two businesses he runs, one of which is the start-up community cafe in Ilford where we will be meeting.  It’s 7-8.45 and there will be refreshments to purchase.

I made very useful contacts and networking and talks with people. Thank you for this wonderful evening.  Smaranda Filip (looking to start-up a business)

Enterprise clubs are open to all start-ups and business or community people with skills to help start-ups. 🙂  There will be a different programme running from September to December which will continue fortnightly with the Tuesday lunch time sessions and then evening sessions on alternate weeks at roving venues! Watch this space.


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