Guest blogger Boris Johnson on 2015 Business Energy Challenge – Redbridge businesses please join!

Business Energy Challenge awards 435x200The Business Energy Challenge 2015 is now open with two categories of medium/large or small/micro.

Redbridge businesses mainly fall within the small/micro category, so here’s more information….

Small businesses play a huge role in London’s economy and account for around 99.8 per cent of all businesses located in London, which means that they also have an important role to play in reducing energy use. That said, circumstances are very different for small and micro businesses compared to their larger counterparts – for example they often share work space, they have less empirical measures at their disposal to record their exact energy outputs and they employ different levers to reduce their use.

As such, the small business category of the Business Energy Challenge – open to all London-based businesses with 50 or fewer employees – seeks to recognise the excellent, innovative activities undertaken by London’s energy-conscious businesses – and to disseminate their positive messages about energy reduction to a wider business audience.

Deadlines to apply:  large/medium 9th September, small/micro 30 September.

Please encourage businesses in Redbridge to join the my Boris JohnsonBusiness Energy Challenge, for a chance to win an award for their efforts to cut energy demand from their London workspace(s). Businesses could achieve a Gold, Silver or Bronze award. I will host the awards reception at City Hall in November. There are also special awards for certain activities in the medium/large business category.  There are awards for large and medium businesses, and also for small and micro businesses. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

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