How Wanstead Art Trail 2015 found its first pop up shop – guest blogger Kathy Taylor

Wanstead arts trailWe have successfully found our first pop up shop!  We have been trying to get an empty shop for the Wanstead Art Trail for a number of years.

This year, as part of our Art Trail Theme “We Are the Environment’ we planned to do a project which is about more than just displaying art. This time we want to get local people involved in a community map which we are calling ‘Love Up Wanstead’ which is being led by Sam Cowan. 

TWe are environment Wanstead Arts Trailhe need for a space became more important and we even explored using Wanstead tube station (not possible as it is being refurbished) whilst approaching 3 currently empty shops in the High Street. One (an old bank earmarked for Sainsbury’s) “work on the premises is expected to begin very soon”, another “has been rented out”; the third was a bit tentative at first and there were a few hesitations (like ‘the restaurant next door stores their furniture there’, and ‘I’m not sure about the electrics’) but it didn’t sound like a ‘No’.

With a bit of persisting and actually checking with the restaurant myself about their furniture (‘no problem’) the landlord agreed that we could use the shop for the length of the art trail on the understanding that we would clean it up and restore it to how we found it afterwards. It was just a verbal agreement and in fact the shop will look much better than how we Kathy Taylorfound it.. In the end it was as simple as that – I walked the high street, found the empty shops, sought out the landlord, asked, and used a little persuasion!

There is a useful organisation called the empty shops network and it has a very useful workbook to help with running a pop up shop.  

The Wanstead art trail runs from 5th-20th September and is open to artists and keen amateurs who live or work  in the Wanstead area or have links in the area, such as attending a course here.  It gives artists a chance to reach a wider audience and to make the area a more exciting place to live and visit.

Kathy Taylor

2 thoughts on “How Wanstead Art Trail 2015 found its first pop up shop – guest blogger Kathy Taylor

  1. Zarina ahmed

    Hi there, I would be very interested in the exhibition to give in my painting for show if you could give me any information in how to do this.
    I have called a few times and left messages and my number but had no response, please if you could contact me and let me know I would be very grateful.

    thanking you

    Mrs Zarina Ahmed


    1. rossouthern Post author

      Hi, I think the artists were all booked in a while back but on their website (link in the article) it gives this email as the contact Perhaps try that? Hope you hear back from them. It will certainly be worth registering your interest, even for another time. Best wishes, Ros



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