Join the Ilford community and traders one-day market this Saturday – we need to make this work!

Green party stall

Green party stall

There’s a bit of an experiment going on in Ilford Town Centre to let a community group run a temporary market in the pedestrianised area, as well as the other more corporate and themed markets. The Ilford Betterment Group wants to run a community market as a way of raising funds for the Ilford Mammoth project.  There was a pilot for a week in August and now there’s another one-day market to take place on Saturday 5th September. 


local trader takes a stall!


local tatooist

 Rosemary of the one stared Green party took a stall recently and she says this was a very worthwhile day for us we got to meet many residents to tell them about the Green party and we were able to sell plants and raise money it was a good day for us.

Contact Wilson on 07854 972343.  Stalls need to be set up by 9am with their vehicle parked away from area.  If you are just taking a table and chair and leaflets or maybe products it is likely you could just pitch up and then pay a fee on the day but it is best to give Wilson a ring.

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