Guest blogger Marcia Samuels announces Young Leaders Training programme that includes Redbridge start-up and freelance trainers

NCY logoWe are pleased to announce that New Choices for Youth has successfully tendered and have secured the contract for the delivery of the Young Leaders Training programme. The Young Leaders Programme will be delivered in partnership with Redbridge Council, Redbridge secondary schools, pupils and local trainers. We are grateful to Sophia Hubs for putting NCY in contact with Redbridge start-ups and free-lance trainers who will help to deliver this programme. Recruitment of students will commence in September 2015.

Marcia Samuels, CEO, NCY Trust

Redbridge Chamber welcomes this important partnership to engage with young people in theGeoff Hill  borough and to enable participants to take a positive and proactive role in shaping the future. Redbridge has an enormously talented and gifted youth population; programmes of this kind will support them to make Redbridge a better and fairer place in which to live. The Chamber is particularly pleased with the involvement of local start-ups and businesses in this programme.  GEOFF HILL, Chair, Redbridge Chamber

The names of the trainers can’t be formally announced as they are waiting Home Office approval!  (Ros)

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