Yvonne tries out her idea today – board games for neighbours on a street corner as part of national play day

Yvonne play day invitationYvonne Tomlinson had a first crack today at testing out her idea for board games on street corners.  This was an idea that she came up with at the last Sophia ACE course (active citizens and entrepreneurs).

There is a corner patch of land by my house and I decided to take my board games out there and encourage neighbours to join in.  Today is national play day so Ros and I thought it would be a good day to try it.  3 people joined in so we played some games and quite a few neighbours came over to talk to us.  It was a bit quiet and there was an event over the park so next time a weekend would be better.Yvonne play day whole areaYvonne play day monopolyYvonne play day under the umbrella

Already there are ideas for a next event that will involve other neighbours.  Here’s Elizabeth committing to helping out next time and cooking some food too:

And here’s a longer review of the day and ideas for next time:

Yvonne plays game with boysSophia Hubs likes to support all entrepreneurial ideas, those that make money and those that don’t cost a penny or make any!






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