Building up community + business involvement in Redbridge start-ups – more volunteers and needed mentors please!

7kbp pop up Organic Ilford stallThe Sophia Hub USP is our different angle on improving the local economy by harnessing local people’s good ideas and energy and in bringing closer relationships between businesses and the community 🙂

We now need help to build up the team and community/business network of volunteers and mentors involved in the project.

Sophia Hubs Seven Kings is a pilot and as such a learning organisation. Two of the key things Sophia Hubs sets out to do are to support and start new enterprises that the area needs volunteer handsand to get people in the community doing things for each other.

In 2013 Redbridge  had the highest number of start-ups setting up and the highest number of businesses (we think mainly start-ups) closing down in London.

We had wonderful interest and support thus far in helping us run the Timebank, the enterprise club and support to start-ups through speaking and mentoring.

We need volunteers from Redbridge business and community in:

  • general admin
  • business mentoring,
  • running the Timebank,
  • enterprise club development,
  • event management,
  • strategic roles,
  • volunteer support,
  • publicity,
  • social media.

We offer:

the opportunity to be part of a creative, grassrootsy community and economic development project with big plans to contribute to a rich, growing, varied, resilient local economy.

Please put your thinking cap on for ways you or others can  be part of this.

Thanks 🙂



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