Guest start-up blogger Kim Judge on wonderful art exhibition in Cauliflower pub

Lynee Blackburn exhibiton at the CauliflowerI went to see this last night – a Seven Kings born artist – and thought it was great.  Kim Judge is a start-up arts, events and entertainment organiser of Conscious Cosmos.  Here’s her information on the current art exhibition she is running in the Cauliflower as part of an ongoing programme of art to take place there.  She also plans to expand to venues all over the borough.

‘Celebrating the familiar’ is presented by Lynne Blackburn,  an experienced artist, printmaker and owner of Hippo Screen Printers in Chelmsford, Essex.

Lynne explores the nostalgic memories and human traces that are moulded into familiar places and buildings.  She is fascinated by the transitory nature of the built environment. 

Her works are impermanent images that are taken through a lengthy process of digital deconstruction and reassembly; and then, printed by hand as a multi-layered screen prints.

She recently exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead alongside other printmakers. In addition,  she was presenting work at the LOOP Artists exhibition at the Bankside Gallery.

This month, Lynne is presenting her work in her home town of Seven Kings.  ‘Celebrating the familiar’

Inside the Cauliflower

Inside the Cauliflower

opened on 16th July at The Cauliflower Gin Palace. A grade two listed building that has recently appeared on BBC London news, celebrating its new heritage status.

The exhibition will be open for two weeks. You are welcome to come along and you can find further information flyer.

conscious cosmosKim Judge


M: 07450 268239

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