Redbridge social enterprise Inspired By Sports launches its new sideline sports fashion line

Inspired by Sports is a Redbridge based Community Interest Company and we use sport and sporting philosophies to help people excel in all area of their lives.
 Inspired by Sports has expanded it’s outreach beyond engaging young people to perform better at  sports. We are there to use sports as a way to use their wider skills and passions to create and initialise individual enterprises, career paths and old forgotten dreams! This includes parents, older adults and more young people.
This is a new enterprise led by determined people with skill, energy and passion to create a successful Inspired by Sports fashion brand.  We are currently working in my house and other homes to make the new Inspired By Sports fashion brand a success!  We are on the look-out for suitable premises.  As a social enterprise all our profits and all our energy goes back into inspiring through sports.
This is the official launch of the inspired by sports fashion and kit range
Inspired by sports fashio shoot menInspired by sports fashion shoot
Date: Friday 7th August 1pm-9pm  at 27 Jack Clow Road, Stratford E15 3AR.
You are all welcome to attend there will be enough food and drinks for everyone. Entry fee of £3.
As well as a BBQ you get your own wrist band and the opportunity to hear some spoken word, inspirationl speaking and participate in many other fun activities, e.g: water fights, street races, dance-offs, and most importantly, there will be 10 free Inspired By Sports clothing to give away!
A modeling shoot will also be featured displaying our latest range and our I.B. Sports kit numbering over 500 items all with their own unique design and touch, will be on sale!
Keep up to date with our news on Twitter: ib_sports and Instgram: inspiredbysports.  Website:
Jeffrey Nkrumah, DirectorJeffery Nkrumah

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