Guest blogger Harminder Sehmi on the Timebank Prince 2 course in Ifty’s living room

HarminderOn a warm, sunny evening a couple of weeks ago, a small group of us gathered in Ifty’s living room for our first PRINCE 2 training session.

Some of us had come along because we’d heard how popular it is and were curious to find out what it does and how it can help us. Others knew a bit already but wanted to learn more.

So, what is PRINCE 2?

In case you’re wondering, it has nothing to do with royalty! It’s actually an acronym for a project management methodology – so much more down to earth!

PRINCE stands for PRojects In Controlled Environments. It’s a government endorsed process for effectively managing projects – both large and small – and is widely used by public and not-for-profit organisations, as well as businesses here in the UK and internationally.

Businesses of any size can benefit from applying the PRINCE 2 approach because it’s a systematic and efficient way of running projects that aim to provide new or different services and products.

And because it’s an accredited programme, people can gain a PRINCE 2 qualification, which enables them to apply the processes in business or the workplace.Ifty in his living room

But going back to Ifty … as our trainer, he gave us an overview of PRINCE 2, explained some of the key concepts and processes, and outlined the benefits of using it. He also shared some useful exam tips. As this was an introductory session, it was about giving us a taste of what was to come, if we wanted to learn more.

Ifty did a great job of explaining it all in a simple and accessible way, especially as we were all from different backgrounds and had varying levels of knowledge. And also because there was so much new terminology to get our heads round!

What was great about this workshop was that the training took place in a completely relaxed, friendly, and informal environment, with plenty of time for questions and discussion, and at a pace that suited everyone. A refreshing change from a lot of the classroom-based training many of us are used to.

Ifty was really good at bringing the somewhat dry subject to life with real-life examples – his enthusiasm was almost contagious! And the impressive thing is that not only is he entirely self-taught, he recently managed to achieve 94% in his PRINCE 2 Foundation exam.

The reason he’s so keen on training others in PRINCE 2, he says, is because it really makes people think about why they are doing something and the outcome they want achieve, rather than just focusing on what they’re doing. Also, once people understand the basics, they can apply what they’ve learnt in their personal life, as well in their work.

So, following on from the introductory sessions (there were two), Ifty will be teaching the PRINCE 2 Foundation course in full over 21 weekly training sessions. The course will take participants through all the course content and, if they choose to go down that route, sit the exam to get accredited (there is a fee payable for this and people have to arrange it for themselves).

And because the course is being offered through the Timebank scheme, participants give their time, not their money, in return for the training.cartoon Timebank ethos - low res

This really is a fantastic way of harnessing the knowledge, skills and expertise of individuals so that others within the local community can benefit. This ‘sharing’ approach not only helps us to develop confidence, and perhaps try out our existing or developing talents in new ways, it’s also an enjoyable and rewarding way to learn new things and grow as individuals. Along the way, we’re sure to make new connections, find new work colleagues and friends, and even enhance our business prospects.

If anyone’s interested there’s still time to join.

Watch this space for further updates.

Harminder Sehmi

20/7/15Harminder Business card

Harminder has a new start-up that helps businesses ensure that anything they say in writing about their products and services, e.g. through newsletters, blogs, e-books, website content etc, is high quality and professional, saving them precious time.

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