Business accelerator in depth support on ECHO Timebank, our sister organisation in the wonderful currency of hours!

As you know, we are promoting the local economy by helping start-ups make money but we are also working to build up the sharing economy and keep skills and help circulating too!

Our Timebank uses the currency of hours and we call them Echo’s.  We are linked with the London wide ECHO Timebank that runs a Timebank just for businesses – a business to business Timebank.  Ours in a community Timebank that includes both people and businesses and venues.

ehco business accelerator large

So here is a fabulous offer of support indepth support for businesses in Redbridge and London-wide.  For more information click here.

It would be much appreciated if you could join our Timebank first rather than other way round, – it makes it easier adminstratively for us.

So join the Seven Kings Timebank and then book in for this course.  The only cost in your time to help other people or businesses in some way.

Get in touch with either ECHO or us if you want more info. In the meantime get help with your business by coming to our enterprise club either as a punter or a speaker or a mentor and increasing your networks and profile.  🙂

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