Enterprise club mini workshops and mentoring support went down well this week

mini workshops business canvasThanks so much to Amanda, Aidan and Tahir who this week gave tailored support to 6 start-ups with specific learning requests.

Jaswant (home tutoring) and Stephanie (Osteomyology clinic) both spent an hour and a half with Aidan looking at their business canvas, reflecting and planning.  They both found it very helpful and scored the value as 10/10.  They both have targets for their business for the next 2 weeks and will be reporting back to each other about their progress.

mini workshops accountingAmanda ran a mini workshop and individual support on bookkeeping.  Jitendra now has the task of researching/identifying product costs and will come back next week with it.  Bill will buy an invoice book from a Pound Shop and has had help in running good accounts for his new painter and decorator business.

Tahir spent time with Harminder who is planning to set up a copy writing and blogging business as a support for businesses that can’t spend the time they need to on quality written information, particularly on social media.  Her next step is to update her Linked In profile.

mini workshops tahir with harminder“It is really good to discover this network, it’s a supportive atmosphere and I found it very helpful.  I am going to keep coming here.  It’s just what I need.  I want to work for myself now and not for someone else.”  Harminder Sehmi

One outcome from the session is that Amanda is going to work with Harminder and get her help, through the Timebank, to write a blog about herself that can be posted on this website. She needs to build up her customers and is thinking of ways to promote herself.  Looking forward to it!  In the meantime, here’s a bit more information on Amanda’s bookkeeping start-up.


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