Elaine is going to tell us why she pulled the plug on her start-up business this week

Elaine HallAt enterprise club this coming Tuesday we have a local start business woman Elaine Hall as our speaker.  She is willing to share all she’s learned from starting up a business in May and from discussions with her accountant to close it down this week.

Elaine conceived the idea of a Redbridge community magazine in September 2014, launched it in May and is now closing it down after Wellredthe third edition in July.  The mag is called WellRed and the website will be open until end of July http://www.wellred.co.uk/

Elaine also runs another small business as a zumba teacher which is going well and has plans for her next business!  She has a background in marketing.

Come and hear Elaine share her learning at 12.30 (for 12.45 prompt start) on Tuesday 14th July.

Ros Southern, Coordinator, Sophia Hubs Seven Kings

M: 07707 460309 T: 0208 590 2568 (message)
T: @sophiahubs7k FB: Sophia Hubs Seven Kings  blog: https://sophiahubs7k.wordpress.com/


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