Timebank offers hotting up. Prince2, fitness training, NLP for your business

Timebank logo low resWe have 4 great offers on the Timebank at the moment. 🙂

The Prince 2 introduction session (to see if you want to go on for the longer course) is on Thursday evening in Ifty’s house in Gants Hill.  6 booked in so far and 6 have already done the intro and will join the full course.

The NLP & EFT taster session and course ‘Build on your SWOT analysis to take forward your business’ Start-ups Usha and Maggie are offering this brilliant combo one hour taster workshop introducing how you can use Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Techniques to gain clarity and release from stuckness!.

Creative writing sessions.  Led by  Taira Khan who runs many creative writing groups and has a relaxed way of helping you write and share your stories.

Personal/group fitness training led by Harmander Singh.

Harmander is a well known and highly experienced fitness trainer who runs many marathons a year and is the coach for Fauja Singh the 100 year old marathon runner from Ilford.  He wants to offer 10 running sessions to lead you to a fitness level that works for you and he will encourage you to get sponsorship for the pounds you loose!

Interested in any of the above text 07707 460309 (best option) or email me or sevenkingstimebank@sophiahubs. com

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