Accounts, business canvasses and social media mini workshops at enterprise club this week

Olive session 1 olive session 3 standing around flipThanks to Olive Hamilton Andrews for facilitating our enterprise club last week.  We took stock of what is going well and what changes to introduce.  It was a very helpful process.

Over the coming weeks we will introduce some different formats (keeping the friendliness, content, and networking) and this week we are running mini workshops using the talents of people already involved.

Mini workshops at enterprise club Tuesday 7th July,  12.45-2ish, network until 3

  • Amanda Simpson, bookkeeping start-up – “keeping simple accounts”
  • Aidan Ward (Sophia Hubs Director and organisational systems consultant) – “working on your business canvas” (a very good business plan for start-ups)
  • Begona Belmonte (Planet Falafel and volunteer) – ‘help with social media

Come along.. join in… help others… work on your business… network..

Look forward to seeing you there.  If you have specific help you need or are new to the club please complete this online form.  And put each issue on a separate form. We are trying to get systematic and track progress! 🙂

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