Prince2 Timebank course starting this week with Ifty Saleem – book your place

Ifty Prince2Delighted to announce that Ifty is going to run a course on Prince2.  He has gained the qualification himself with top marks without having to attend an expensive course and he wants to try out his skills in passing on his knowledge.

Prince2 is the Government’s standard accepted tool for project management, inspired I think by the Millenium Dome fiasco.

Ifty ran the first introductory session at the last skills swap day and 6 of this group want to continue with the course which will be about 6 sessions long.  This week Ifty  is running another introductory session and it will be on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening.

Interested?  Please email me or ring or text on 07707 460309

health farm ifty and julie JUST IFTYIfty came to our Health Farm day a couple of weeks ago and loved it, At the end when asked what his ‘golden nugget’ was he said “This has made me realise that in London there is community spirit.  I thought I had left it in Sheffield.  It makes me realise the importance of giving and sharing and not just concentrating on your career and yourself.  I think this Timebank is fantastic!”

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