Guest blogger Jeff Conway – I use Streetlife every day for my business logo with peopleA couple of weeks I came and gave a talk on how to start a business, how to market it  and how to maintain it. Needless-to-say, the topics were just summaries, as time permitted, but I hope that some of it was interesting.

I did mention that “Street Life” was a valuable source for looking for new business. I regularly get emails from this source (daily) and the locals are always looking for plumbers, gardeners, decorators, handymen etc. For those of you that have a service to offer it is worth enrolling (there is no charge) and either advertise your service or respond to people’s requests if, what you offer is relevant.

Advertising (News Papers, web sites, leaflets etc.) is very expensive but these outlets (there are probably other free outlets) together with Networking, usually only a few pounds, are the most effect and economical ways to promote yourselves.

All neighbourhoods have a “Street Life” and when you enrol you can choose the area or areas Jeff Conwaywhich interests you most.

Good Luck to you All.

Jeff Conway

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