Help us to review, refresh and make 6 months plan for the enterprise club – led by Olive Andrews

Olive Hamilton Andrews photoThanks so much to Olive Hamilton Andrews, of Hamiland Services start-up business who is facilitating the enterprise club on Tuesday 30th June. Olive has wide experience of project management and is an ideal person to lead a conversation with the users and stakeholders.

With our current funding from the Council we have agreed to explore setting up start-up support in other areas of the borough (Hainault and South Ilford) which means that it will be difficult for me to be at the enterprise club each week.Hamiland logo

A participatory and lively session to look at:

  • What you value now at enterprise club
  • What you want to keep
  • what you would be willing to give up/change/take on
  • Do you want to be involved in new work in new areas?
  • Workable ideas for how we can develop and thrive in our work to support start-ups 🙂

Hope to see as many of you there as possible and there will be opportunities to take forward your business and network as usual.  Oh and home made cake!

At the moment Olive’s website is inactive, but it soon won’t be when she has booked in a one-to-one website session on the Timebank with a person that can help (quite a few).  Olive is offering her facilitation time through the Timebank so will have a few hours to spend!





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