Hands-on session a success with first Tweets, first Excel sheet and business cards designed and ready to print!

social media Amandas tweetWe had a very useful enterprise club today.  7 people turned up with specific help requests: to Tweet, to invite people to like a Facebook business page, to learn how to make up an excel sheet for accounts, to design a business flyer/business cards, plus generally to gain confidence in Facebook.

Delighted to say that in a friendly hour and a half, with hands-on help we had the following outcomes:

  • Amanda’s first Tweet plus understanding of how to get people to like her Facebook business pagesocial media Olives tweet
  • Olive has sorted out Twitter account and made first Tweet
  • Erica has had help to create an Excel sheet for accounts
  • Anna has designed her business cards and now going to print off on paper (cheap!) and is going to show Jaswant how to do it and earn an hour on the Timebank
  • Stephanie was able to just get on with work on her business in a friendly atmosphere – she works better in company.

We also had a look at Streetlife and 3 people have understood how to join up, join in and, among other things, respond to recommendation requests.  This was advice given by Jeff Conway of Redbridge Chambers last week.

social media Anna's business card on screen

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