Enterprise club this week – Timebank help for social media, Streetlife, Linked In…

karen leighton activity shot with muhammadEnterprise club on Tuesday 23rd June is a hands-on session to help each other out.  Please come along and share what you know and learn from other’s what you don’t. We are putting tocall-out to Timebank members to come and help. 🙂  It’s a bit of an experiment but we are hopeful that there will be enough skills to share around.  12.45-2.30pm

  • Robert jackson - usha and muhammedFacebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • Streetlife (advised by Jeff Conway last week as an excellent way to find business)
  • Free and easy websites
  • Making an excel sheet for your accounts
  • For anyone that wants to work on their business canvas (the one page business plan page skill share ent club - 1that we think is the best for start-ups)- Aidan will be there.

Please bring your laptops and devices.  We do not have enough to go round!

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