Chambers breakfast on Tues 30 June Cllr Paul Canal with Q & A on ways Council can help business and keep money circulating locally

Paul Canal CllrRedbridge Chambers says:

  • Breakfast/networking meeting
  • Tuesday 30 June 2015
  • 7.30 am
  • Rouge restaurant, Redbridge College
  • £10 for full English breakfast, no annual fee in 2015 for start-ups.

We are delighted to have as our guest speaker Cllr.PaulCanal who will be asking and answering questions of what local business require from the council. He would like to know how the council can help you develop your business and how, with the help of The Redbridge Chamber of Commerce, Business, the Chamber and Redbridge Council may work together to ensure that the Borough is a successful place to work and has a thriving business base. We will be able to ask about council procurement policies for SMEs, for example, and see how local raised money, through rates, etc. may be put back into the local economy.

Paul is a Councillor of long-standing in Redbridge and before the local election was Conservative and Council leader. He is now the Leader of the opposition.  Paul has offered to be a conduit for Redbridge Business people to raise issues in Council and with Government

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