Jeff Conway of Redbridge Chambers says look at Streetlife everyday – its a key place to find business

Jeff ConwayThanks very much to Jeff Conway for be speaker at our enterprise club this week.  Lot’s of tales from over 40 years in business with interesting examples of the messes and mistakes that businesses have made and what Jeff has done to help them out of it!  Everyone had a personal Q and A with a tailored and practical piece of advice.

General tips from Jeff:

  • You need a plan – nothing fancy – but you need to know where you’re heading or you won’t get there.
  • Streetlife is a fantastic place to find business.  Recommendations and requests are put up every day.  (If you need help with this let me know – I can show you)
  • Don’t become a PLC company until you are turning over £20,000.  A sole trader status suffices and it saves you money in associated costs.
  • You must have public liability insurance, however small your business is.
  • Don’t do leaflet drops – network instead.  Business comes from people you know.
  • If you recognise you are stalling or avoiding work on your business, set aside an hour a day Jeff Conway sessionand just DO IT.  Your business is going nowhere unless you schedule in work on it.

Jeff also reminded start-ups that you have a year’s free membership at the Chambers – usually £65 a year.  So if you want to get some networking and support in 2015 subscription year, don’t forget to attend the Chambers breakfasts. The next one is Tuesday 30th June at 7.30 am.


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