Shahriah Hossain’s start-up advice: get in the zone before your sales calls

Shahriar sessionThanks so much to Shahiar Hossain of Catalyst for bringing his business mentoring expertise to our enterprise club this week. It was a lively and participatory session with plenty of good advice tailored to the start-ups that attended.

Some tips from Shahriah:

  • You are on your own as a start-up and so you need to do what you can to prepare yourself and give yourself energy before you make your sales calls – eg pumped up and in the zone
  • You can’t avoid sales calls (phone or in person)- aim for an absolute minimum of 1 a day.  Leaving out weekends perhaps and holidays that should be over 200 calls and with a 10% success rate, that’s 20 clients.  If you don’t make those calls, someone else will!
  • Keep an active diary with reminders to get back to clients and potential clients.  (He uses Outlook and diarises all  his reminders)
  • Keep a database of all your contacts – an excel sheet or even a note pad will do but you must keep a note of all your contacts.
  • For any partnership or piece of work, you absolutely must have an agreement, and it’s best to get legal and financial advice.
  • You need to be on Linked In – it’s an important way to get business
  • You must have a website – doesn’t matter how basic.

We are hoping to keep in touch with Shahriar and work out how we can work together. In the meantime for those that want a basic WordPress website, myself and others can help you with this in 2 hours through the Timebank. 🙂

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