Redbridge Timebank health farm day – bringing tranquillity, yoga, sun and maybe the sea – Weds 17 June

Caribbean seasideTreat yourself to a health farm “day cation” in Redbridge

Weds, June 17, 2015


For everyone that deserves a day of relaxation, community and pampering (yes, that’s you!) come along to our pop-up health farm on Weds, June 17th.

We’ll be at a lovely local venue with a whole range of nurturing activities for you to enjoy: yoga classes, beauty treatments, complementary therapies, a healthy, vegetarian lunch and (weather permitting) a scenic, sunny garden for chilling out in. We will even provide slices of cucumber for you to put over your eyes for the complete health farm experience!

Timebank members can pay using their hours – we are charging a bargain 4 Timebank hours for the day (we say a bargain as it lasts from 9.30am-4pm – so you are getting 6.5 hours for the price of 4!). You can join on the day if you are not already a member.

 Alternatively, if you want to trade in money, the price for the day is £20 with all proceeds going to local MS charity, the Marjorie Collins Centre. So, as well as contributing to your own wellbeing, you’ll be contributing to others’ wellbeing.  Click on this link for further info and to book your place now! (Advance booking only)

The Marjorie Collins Centre has plenty of parking and is located at 237 Grove Road, Chadwell Heath, Chadwell Heath,  RM6 4XF

Contact the 7KTB team at or 07707 460309 to book your place now using Timebank hours!

(Advance booking only).


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