Trying to help Redbridge folk get Redbridge tenders – running a young leaders programme

IMG_1054Thanks to Redbridge CVS for advertising local tender opportunities. Last week they advertised this opportunity to run a young leaders programme. with a very short timescale to apply.  (Redbridge CVS has raised concerns about such short time frames with Redbridge Council).

At a recent Work Redbridge meeting it was commented that a training tender had gone to a large regional organisational organisation in April and that Redbridge organisations had not been successful. It was commented that if more collaboration could take place between Redbridge organisations, we would be better placed to win local opportunities.

So.. with help from RCVS we set up a meeting with Marcia Samuels of Newham NCY who are putting in for the tender but would be willing to work with Redbridge start-ups with experience in this field.

So here’s a photo of an exploratory meeting this week with Marcia, Meenakshi (recent speaker and freelance worker) and Shahanara  to explore who 3 start-up freelance workers we are involved with (including Usha and Vicky) can put in a joint tender application.

Hope its successful!


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