Using art and mind maps to draw deep and find your energy sources to help your business!

Mark Braniff session - all busy drawingThanks so much to Mark Braniff of Third Lens Foundation and Pocket of Green for leading our enterprise club this week.

It was a good turnout and in just 1 hour and 15 minutes we covered a lot and all got a bit of personal business coaching!

We started by introducing ourselves (2 new start-ups today) and considering ‘what gives us energy‘ not necessarily related to the business, but in life.  We then spent 20 minutes using crayons, colours and pens to think about what we want to achieve, what our calling or brand is, what it is our business is all about.  Then Mark Braniff session whole groupwe just went round and shared the pictures, mind maps, words and Mark helped to clarify, encourage and sometimes challenge us.

Meant to take photos of some of the images!

Attendees this week: Bill (painting and decorating), Xavier (intelligent energy saving switch), Olive (interim management and office systems), Lynette (Caribbean chutneys and sauces), Shahanara (mediation), Stephanie (osteomyology and healing), Clive (angel investment) Jitendra (LED light product), and two new people Sunny (aesthetics and beauty product), Anna (massage).

Here’s a photo of Mark before the session started.  Mark runs business mentor coaching and Mark Braniff before session startssupport session and I will pass this on when he has dates set.

Also glad to add Mark’s other business Pocket of Green to our Online Green Business Directory!

Thanks so much Mark, and let’s keep in touch.  We’ll take you up on your offer of a follow on session 🙂


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