Local business week – a great blog by Barkingside 21 with Sophia Hubs featured!

Local Business Week
– Green Local Business Directory

This week is Local Business Week

Over the past few decades there has been a marked decline in large manufacturing industries within the UK while multi-national corporations seem to have invaded every aspect of our lives; which is a concern for our independents [sic!] and way of life.

However, SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) now account for more than 99% of all UK businesses and nearly half of all private sector employment, making the support and growth of local commerce as important as ever in driving economic stability and opening new markets in communities.

Local Business Week (18th to 24th May) is a call to action to both the public and the government to support local enterprises. The campaign also calls on entrepreneurial, managerial, financial and technical experts to give advice and resources that small business owners can use to compete with the big guys.

In addition, the rapid advance of technology is providing an ever expanding range of opportunities for small business in new creative industries, such as leisure, digital/IT, media, culture and the green sector.

It is said that the low carbon industry can be the engine of growth in the U.K. (CBI Report)

Redbridge has long had a good reputation for entrepreneurship and Sophia Hubs provides a valuable resource for enhancing that reputation. Volunteer Jenny Coverdale has created a newgreen business directory linking a variety of sectors, from green industries, to the arts, therapy and training. Collaboration between businesses provides greater opportunities for joint working, maintains business and finance in the local area and provides opportunities to promote interlinked systems and ‘Smart-City’ approaches for our borough.

Sophia Hubs plan to hold a green business network event soon but before they do so, they would like to create a more comprehensive list. Please get in touch with Ros (email) if you would like to know more, register your business or suggest a business that you know or use.


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