Experienced business adviser Liam Hickey of GLE is speaking on overdrafts, loans, premises and a whole lot more on Tuesday 26 May

Liam Hickey photoWe welcome Liam Hickey of GLE to our enterprise club on Tuesday 26 May. 12.30 for 12.45 start until 2.30.

Liam is highly experienced in supporting start-ups and also very used to working in a group context.  He has stuff prepared to share with you on when to take loans, what to watch out for, when to take on premises and when not, lots about marketing and much more.  He is able to do Q & A and respond to personal issues.

Thanks Liam for taking the time to snap a selfie.  Hmmm – perhaps we’ll give you some tips on branding.  😀

In his own words:

I have been supporting new and established businesses for in excess of 20 years. I joined GLE in 2000 and have worked on a number of business support programmes. Prior to that, I spent 19 years with NatWest in the West End of London including training their Business Advisers based in 36 West End branches.

I currently manage a team of mentors working with Start-up businesses looking to secure funding but have also spent many years helping existing businesses. I have developed expertise in finance, sales & marketing, procurement (winning contracts) & business premises matters (including lease negotiations & business rates).

For general  info on the enterprise club, click the tab on the top of page or here.

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