Thanks to Sat Kumar, Hansons Estates, for business tips and support at enterprise club

Sat Kumar profile photoIt was great to have Sat Kumar of Hansons Estates with us at the enterprise club this week. Sat shared tips from his many years in business and his key advice was to start off small, not to worry but put in hard graft and network, network, network.

Sat with jitendra

Sat is very involved in a local BNI chapter and he shared the value of this business network community for getting business contacts and contracts.  There’s an annual fee (approx £1000) and weekly breakfast meetings at 6am which you have to attend – if you miss more that 3 sessions a year, you’re out!  There’s a strong ethos of sharing all your cSat session groupontacts.

At my first meeting BNI meeting I met a man who was a decorator and I must admit I wrote him off.  I could not see that he would be useful to me.  Later I learned that he works for Alan Sugar and Richard Branson!  I learned at that first meeting that everyone you know and network with has useful contacts.  I think this community effort and network at Sophia Hubs is very valuable and I am pleased to give time to help.

Sat's session networkingSat also shared with us his attempts to re-appraise his work/life balance. We all gave him advice on this and he was very willing to hear!

There was a good turnout this week and 4 new start-ups.

Thanks Sat!

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