Our community skills swap events are big confidence boosters and full of community spirit! Next one Sat 6 June in Ilford

Richard ebayThe Timebank is a way of trading with hours not money!  It is also a way of letting everyone know that they have something of value to give.  There’s something you know how to do that someone else doesn’t.  There’s something you can do that someone else can’t.

TB Skills swap flyer 6 June 2015 v2We are running a Timebank in Redbridge because  (1) it helps build up community spirit and cooperation  (2) it helps start-up businesses to get experience and their wider networks (later leading to money hopefully) 🙂

Our next skills swap event is Saturday 6 June in the Flirt cafe, Ley Street, Ilford 2-4.30.  🙂

What’s on offer?  Japanese, photography, social media,  business tips, phone apps help,  French, Spanish, improvisation, environmental tips, French and much, much more.

Interested? Got ideas? Please contact us if you are interested to get help fromTimebank logo low res someone else on any of these topics and if you have ideas of things you can offer.

Take a look at some of the photos from the last one.



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